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How to Use Chinese Social Media Apps to Learn Chinese

When I found out I was going to move back to China, I knew it was finally time to familiarize myself with Chinese social media. Back in 2008, when I spent my first summer in Beijing, these apps were barely on the horizon. A few short years later, they had taken over. My Chinese friends were all sending each other …

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Should You Learn to Read and Write Chinese Characters?

This is not going to be a post about how “Chinese characters are easier than you think!” I’ll give it to you straight. Learning to read and write in Mandarin is a serious undertaking. It might not even be necessary if your goal is more centered around speaking and listening ability. In this post I’ll help you weigh your personal …

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Self-Study Starter Kit: Mandarin Chinese

Want to learn Mandarin? You’re not alone. In the last decade the number of English speakers studying Mandarin has skyrocketed as China grows in prominence, and as Singapore, Hong Kong, and Taiwan claim their rightful places on the global stage. Here’s your free starter kit, everything you’ll need to fall in love with the Chinese language: some online resources which …

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