Language Histories

Why You Should Learn Chinese

Someone on Quora Français recently asked me, “why should I learn Chinese?” (This post was originally written in French for Quora. Lisez son original en français) My opinion? Right now, much of the world considers learning English to be their gateway to the rest of the world: to global business, to the tourism industry, even to the future. To many, …

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10 Hawaiian Words Everyone Should Know

Going to Hawaii? One thing I found really interesting about my trip to Hawaii was that nearly every local, regardless of their heritage or proficiency in the Hawaiian language, would frequently use Hawaiian words. Even more interesting, they would use these words even in conversation with tourists, assuming we knew their meaning! While nearly every American knows the word “aloha”*, …

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The Languages Of Hawaii

Since my husband and I live in Korea, and my parents and sister live in California, this Christmas we decided to convene smack in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, on an American island called Hawaii (or, as the Koreans might call it, the American Jeju 😉 ). Before our trip I figured I had better bone up on Hawaiian …

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