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10 Ways to Improve Your Accent in a Foreign Language

Working on your accent? So am I — in six languages. As a native speaker of English and an adult learner of Spanish, French, Mandarin, Korean, Indonesian, and ASL, I’ve had my fair share of phonetic struggles, from Mandarin tones to that rolled Spanish “r”. But guess what? There are concrete steps you can take to improve your accent, especially …

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#30DRYC: How To Use Challenges as Motivation in Language Learning

We’re at the end of the 30-Day Record Yourself Challenge, in which language learners are recording themselves speaking in their target language for at least a minute every day. It has been challenging to keep up, but I’ve found it an invaluable method for language learning, and I’ll tell you why. The #30DRYC is the brainchild of linguistics student Aaron …

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I’ve learned 9 languages, all after the age of 21.

Hello world! My name is Sara Maria Hasbun, and I’m an American linguist who has struggled with learning languages my whole life. Despite being half-Salvadoran, I grew up monolingual, as we only spoke English at home. High school Spanish was particularly frustrating. I could memorize the conjugation tables and pass all the tests, but could not speak a word. I …

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