Not A Moment Wasted: Hyper-Efficient Language Learning with the Monologue Method

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  1. I’d definitely agree with this method! It’s something I’ve found really useful for short trips and recently got to try it out on a visit to Spain. I had a rough idea of what I’d be doing and where I’d be going and wanted to get around using public transport so I monologued all of the key phrases associated with travel like, “How much is the bus to Mijas” etc. and found I could easily interchange it with other nous as needed like trains and taxis.

    The only issue I had was it was often difficult to understand what was being said in response! If the speaker didn’t reply with one of my set phrases I knew I’d have to meet them with a bit of a blank stare! But that’s part of the fun of travel! 🙂

    I’d definitely recommend this method for short trips away and getting some practical use out of your learning, or even as a good intro into a language you can use as a stepping stone to learn more, its a great confidence booster!

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